Property Division is holding OVER $3 BILLION in unclaimed funds for citizens and businesses of the Commonwealth.


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is holding over $3 billion in unclaimed funds for the citizens and businesses of the Commonwealth. The Division holds these lost funds until they are claimed by either the original owner or their heirs.

The last 2 years They Paid Out Over $225 MILLION.


Unclaimed property consists of unclaimed financial assets such as checking and savings accounts, unpaid wages, securities, uncashed dividends, life insurance policies, uncashed checks, safe deposit boxes, etc that are without activity for a certain period of time. It does not include real estate or vehicles. Typically assets become unclaimed when the owner cannot be contacted for a three-year period by the holder of the asset, or for fifteen years in the case of traveler’s checks.

The financial institution holding the potential unclaimed property makes every effort to contact the owner and establish activity. If these attempts do not produce activity, the asset is reported to the state of the owner’s last known address.

Unclaimed property laws began in the United States as a consumer protection program and they have evolved to protect not only the owners, but their heirs and estates as well.

Once property is in the custody of the state and its unclaimed property program, an aggressive outreach effort begins through mailings, social media, advertisements, and local media coverage. The state will maintain custody of the property in perpetuity until the rightful owner or heirs come forward to claim.


STEP 1: Navigate to the PROPERTY SEARCH page

You can access the Property Search page through the home page by hovering over UNCLAIMED PROPERTY > “Search Unclaimed Property, or by simply clicking below


STEP 2: Type your name to search for Property

Type your name (First name, last name, or both) into the Name/Business Name field and click SEARCH. If you receive too many results, try to narrow down the search by entering a city or zip code.

STEP 3: Add your property and click “VIEW CLAIMED PROPERTIES”

Once you’ve found the property that belongs to you, check the CLAIM button and click the VIEW CLAIMED PROPERTIES button to begin the claims process.

Search for Unclaimed Property

When searching for properties online, results will only be given for properties valued at $5.00 and above. Additionally, certain property types are excluded from the website. For a complete search of all property types and those valued below $5.00 please call into our customer service line at 617-367-0400. Just Click here 


Please Note: Once the Unclaimed Property Division has received all required documentation, please allow up to 180 days for processing.

The Massachusetts Unclaimed Property Division is now paperless and now requires all holders to submit an electronic report in NAUPA II standard file layout and upload it through the secure portal on our website. Please visit the holder reporting section of our website to upload your report.

any report submission accompanied by a physical check with be returned to the holder. If this is past the report deadline the report will then be deemed incomplete and subject to penalties and interest for late report filings as prescribed in Massachusetts General Law Ch. 200A.

Reporting DRPs

Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP) accounts should be closed prior to reporting to UPD. Fractional shares must be liquidated, and the proceeds should be included with your annual report and remittance. Liquidate fractional shares at the property level; do not total fractions for all owners prior to sale. When reporting proceeds from fractional shares, the cash value should be reported as cash for fractional shares for each individual owner using NAUPA code SC09. Whole shares should be remitted via DTC to our stock custodian and coded as SC12

Who Must Report

Banking and Financial Organizations including any bank, trust company, savings bank, safe deposit company, private banker, savings and loan association, credit union, and cooperative bank. Both state and federally chartered institutions are required to report.
All Business Associations, wherever located, domiciled or incorporated, such as a corporation, joint stock company, business trust, partnership, cooperative or other association for business purposes of two or more individuals, whether or not for profit, are required to report. Other Legal Entities including governments, political subdivisions, public authorities, public corporations, estates, trusts or any other legal or commercial entity including nonprofit organizations are required to report.
Please be advised that this is not an exhaustive list of all entities required to report unclaimed property.

What to Report

In general, you must report any debt or obligation which has gone unpaid, or security that has remained undelivered for three or more years after the date the owner should have received it or was entitled to claim it.

Massachusetts resident or corporation must be reported. If you are a Massachusetts corporation or a resident of Massachusetts, you must also report all property for which you have no last known address of the owner, and all property where the last known address is a foreign country.

Reporting Deadlines

Tangible Property: Under 960 CMR 4.05 (1) (a), any tangible property eligible for reporting must be received by June 30th. In accordance, please schedule deliveries between May 1st and June 30th in addition to submitting a completed AP-1 Form.


Is there a minimum amount that is reportable?

No. The Act does not provide an exemption based on a minimum amount.

How do I file for an extension?

In order to file for an extension for up to 60 days, please complete the fillable PDF form, Unclaimed Property Filing Extension Request and email it to the Reporting Department at, prior to the Reporting deadline. Please include the reason the extension is necessary. This form can be located in the Forms tab, in the ABOUT dropdown menu.

Can I report all the unclaimed property I have to Massachusetts?

No. If you are a company located in Massachusetts, you can report for those states with which the Division has reciprocal agreements in other states.

Attempt to locate and notify the owner:

In accordance with Massachusetts General Law Chapter 200A § 7A, a due diligence notice must be sent by first-class mail to the last known address of every owner with property valued at $100 or more, at least 60 days prior to the filing of reports with the Unclaimed Property Division.

Due diligence letters sent to owners of property presumed unclaimed pursuant to Massachusetts General Law Chapter 200A shall include, but not be limited to, the following information:

a. a description of the property, including account number, policy number or other identifying information;
b. a statement explaining that state law requires holders of unclaimed property to report and remit such property; and,
c. the date that the property will be reported to the Unclaimed Property Division if there is no owner contact.


To file your Unclaimed Property Report online, enter your information and submit your report file online; there is no need to send an AP-1 form or confirmation by mail.
Get Started:
• Prepare your report file of unclaimed property. Make sure it is in the NAUPA II format.
• Go to our holder reporting page to complete your submission and upload your file.

There are four easy steps to submit your information and report:
1. Enter Holder Information – Key in your Holder information, and basic Report information and Report totals.

Then return to the top of the page and hit the NEXT button. This fulfills your obligation to submit an AP-1 form.

2. Upload the Report File – Select Add Document and attach the formatted NAUPA II report file. Double check that the correct file name shows in the box, then hit the NEXT button.

3. Preview and Certify your Submission – Review the submission summary. If the summary is correct, check the box next to the Certification and enter your name. Hit SUBMIT. The file will be processed.

4. Keep the Summary – The system will provide a Holder Summary and indicate that the AP-1 and report has been successfully submitted for processing. Print this summary for your files.

Delivery of Cash

In order to remit by EFT, holders are required to complete and submit the Authorization Agreement for Electronic Funds Transfer annually to the Unclaimed Property Division for approval. A link is provided below to a fillable PDF version of the form. Save your changes and e-mail the completed copy of the form

You will receive a return e-mail with our banking instructions.
*Be sure to indicate your intended method of transfer (Wire or ACH Credit) as the instructions are different.

Delivery of Stocks

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Unclaimed Property Division requires that all DTC eligible securities are transferred via wire transfer (DTC) to our custodian.

All securities must be transferred prior to the November 1st reporting deadline.

DTC Eligible Securities Depository Trust Company Citi Participant No. 0908 Please reference account name- Commonwealth of Massachusetts Unclaimed Property- and Account Number #256148 (This is the account number for calendar year 2020 deliveries. A new account will be established January 1, 2021 for calendar year deliveries for 2021).

Delivery of Mutual Funds

Mutual Fund Shares must be transferred into an account at the family of funds with the registration listed below.

All securities must be transferred prior to the November 1st reporting deadline.
A confirmation statement showing the shares in the Commonwealth’s name must accompany your report of unclaimed property for the report to be accepted. Please be sure to include the complete fund name, the FEIN, the CUSIP number, and the account number for the fund in your report. All accounts should have dividends reinvested.

Unclaimed Property Regulations

4.01: Scope and Purpose
4.02: Definitions
4.03: Reporting Unclaimed Property
4.04: Claims Process
4.05: Tangible Property
4.06: Procedures for Interaction with Heir Finders
4.07: Audit Program
4.08: Amnesty
4.09: Revocation of Prior Policies, Rulings and Agreements
4.10: Severability
4.01: Scope and Purpose
960 CMR 4.00 establishes and clarifies procedures for the administration of the Unclaimed Property Division in the Department of the State Treasurer and is promulgated by the Department of the State Treasurer pursuant to M.G.L. c. 200A, § 13A. Issues not addressed in 960 CMR 4.00 for which any party seeks clarity are to be considered in light of the entire M.G.L. c. 200A.

Massachusetts Gift Certificate Law

On January 1, 2003 and May 30, 2003, important changes were made to the current Gift Certificate and merchandise credit laws. These changes will go into effect on June 1, 2003. The new law can be found at Chapter 510 of the Acts of 2002 and Chapter 18 of the Acts of 2003.

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