Over $300 MILLION Has Been Returned To Delaware Residents In The Last 3 Years

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To search for property, enter an individual name or business name on this page; no specific order is required when entering the information (last name, first name, business name, etc.).

To help narrow your search results, enter a city or zip code.

Select (or remove) all properties you wish to claim by clicking the appropriate choice under the “Select an Action” area. Once all properties you wish to claim have been selected, click on “View Claimed Properties” to continue initiating your claim.

Please note, you will receive an actual claim number upon completing the claims initiating process. If you do not receive a claim number, you have not completed the online process necessary for our agency to review your request.

You may also initiate a new search for property reported under a different name that may be owed to you.


STEP 1: Navigate to the PROPERTY SEARCH page

You can access the Property Search page through the home page by hovering over UNCLAIMED PROPERTY > “Search Unclaimed Properties”, or by simply clicking the GET STARTED button in the middle of the page.

STEP 2: Type the name, or business name, to search for Property

Type the owner’s name (First name, last name, or both) or business name into the Name/Business Name field and click SEARCH. If you receive too many results, try to narrow down the search by entering a city.

STEP 3: Add your property and click “VIEW CLAIMED PROPERTIES”

Once you’ve found the property that belongs to you, check the CLAIM button and click the VIEW CLAIMED PROPERTIES button to begin the claims process.

To visit the State of Delaware to Search For your unclaimed property click here now.

Source:  https://unclaimedproperty.delaware.gov/

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