North Dakota Has Returned More Than $77,803,537 In Unclaimed Property.


In North Dakota, unclaimed property and any income generated from it is invested in the Common Schools Trust Fund to help fund K-12 education, until such time it can be returned to the rightful owner.

Unclaimed property, also referred to as abandoned property, refers to accounts in financial institutions and companies that have had no activity or contact with the owner for a specific period of time.

Common forms of unclaimed property include: Savings or checking accounts, stocks, uncashed dividends or payroll checks, refunds, traveler’s checks, trust distributions, unredeemed money orders or gift certificates (in some states), insurance payments or refunds, life insurance policies, annuities, certificates of deposit, customer overpayments, utility security deposits, mineral royalty payments, and contents of safe deposit boxes.

Companies are required by law to send funds from lost or abandoned accounts to the State for safekeeping.


STEP 1: Navigate to the PROPERTY SEARCH page

You can access the Property Search page through the home page by hovering over Claiming Property > “Search Unclaimed Properties”.

STEP 2: Type your name to search for Property

Type your name (first name, last name or both) into the Last Name/Business Name field and click SEARCH. If you receive too many results, try to narrow down the search by entering a city or zip code.

STEP 3: Select your property and click “CLAIM”

Once you’ve found the properties that may belong to you, click the CLAIM button, and then click the VIEW CLAIMED PROPERTIES button to begin the claims process.


STEP 1: Review the properties you’ve selected

Once you’ve selected the properties you wish to claim, please review them before clicking FILE CLAIM and moving to the Claimant Info page.

STEP 2a: Enter your information

Complete your information as the claimant. This should include your current mailing address as it will be the address where the funds are mailed. Select your ‘Relationship to Owner.’ For example, if you are the owner of this property, please select ‘Owner’; if you are an heir to the property’s owner, please select either ‘Heir’ or ‘Representative,’ depending on the applicable situation. This information will provide you with the appropriate details necessary to claim the property. Click NEXT to move to the Preview screen.

STEP 2b: Address confirmation

You may receive an additional screen that asks you to verify the address you entered. This is to ensure we are sending your check to a valid mailing address.

STEP 3: Submit your claim

You will now preview all properties being claimed and verify your current information. If correct, click SUBMIT to officially create your claim and generate your claim number.


STEP 1: Review and Gather Documentation Requirements

Most claims require a completed and signed claim form as well as a copy of both photo identification and legal document listing social security number. To determine the specific requirements of your claim, please review the email sent to you. The items required will be listed on the claim form attachment.



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