Nevada Is Holding Over $830 Million In Unclaimed Property


Last year over $37 million was returned!  Unclaimed Property exists for the purpose of accepting custody of abandoned property belonging to current or former Nevada residents and working to return the property to its rightful owners and heirs.  Nevada works hand-in-hand with both Holders (businesses who have abandoned property) and Claimants (persons who are the rightful owners of the property) to receive and distribute money and property back to where it belongs.

The primary mission of the Nevada Unclaimed Property Division is to reunite owners and heirs with their property. As custodian, the state treasurer is charged with protecting your property and maintaining it in a centralized location to access searches, and ensuring the office is in compliance with Nevada Revised Statutes 120A. The state will not claim ownership of the property and will relinquish it once claimed by the rightful owner or heir.

Unclaimed Property

The State of Nevada is the custodian of 100s of millions of dollars in unclaimed property. This property could be a financial asset owed to an individual or a business, including securities, bank accounts, uncashed payroll checks, utility deposits, insurance proceeds, gift certificates, and other items specified in Nevada Revised Statutes 120A.

Property is presumed abandoned when there has been no activity or no contact with the owner for a specific period of time.

The property type determines the abandonment period, but it is typically one to three years. When the “holder” of the property unsuccessfully attempts to locate the original owner, the assets must be escheated to the Nevada State Treasurer’s Office, in accordance with NRS 120A.

The Treasurer’s Office is charged with safeguarding the value of these assets in perpetuity. The original owner or heir never loses the ability to claim the property value.

Searching for unclaimed property?

Forgot about a bank account, stocks, a safe deposit box? The State of Nevada’s Unclaimed Property database is refreshed on a regular basis, adding new properties daily. Note: DOES NOT INCLUDE REAL ESTATE OR VEHICLES.

If you have ever resided or conducted business in Nevada and are looking for unclaimed property in Nevada, please click here.

To perform a specific search by name for properties being safeguarded by the Nevada State Treasurer’s Office.

If the amount of each property listed is $5,000 or less, it may qualify for FAST TRACK status. This process significantly reduces the amount of time required to verify the legitimacy of a claim. You will be notified during the online process if you qualify.

How to File a Claim

Claims are paid based on information provided by you. As claims cannot be paid simply based on a name match, additional information may be required to prove original ownership.

You will be notified in writing why additional information is being requested. If you are unable to provide the information, you may submit a written explanation. A determination will be made upon review of your claim.

To  apply you need a specific form and we are glad to inform you just click at the Claimant forms below.

Claimant Forms

How to check the status 

Just Click Link below and enter the required information to look Up your’s.

Look Up Status of Claim


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