Millions of dollars in cash and securities are turned over to New Jersey’s Unclaimed Property.


Each year millions of dollars in cash and securities are turned over to New Jersey’s Unclaimed Property Administration (UPA) by businesses who are unable to re-establish contact with the rightful owners. These funds may be bank accounts, payroll checks, utility deposits, refunds or any of the many other types of assets covered under the UPA Statute (N.J.S.A.46:30B1-109). The statute exists to safeguard these funds from private escheatment thus ensuring that the original owner of the asset never relinquishes ownership. The State only acts as a custodian of these funds until the rightful owner(s) can be located, verified, and the assets are returned. This site allows you to search our database to determine if we’re holding unclaimed assets belonging to you.

The Last February Treasury’s Unclaimed Property Administration Presents a Record $3.2 Million Check to Help Struggling NJ Households with Utility Costs.

Full Notice 

If you locate unclaimed property belonging to you or you have the legal capacity to claim an asset belonging to someone else, you can submit a claim in just a few simple steps.

You may have forgotten or misplaced assets that are cataloged in New Jersey’s unclaimed property database! Use this website to locate unclaimed property and file claims.

The  Claim Process

Unclaimed property consists of many types of intangible and tangible properties that have remained unclaimed by its rightful owner for a specific period of time. The abandonment period for each type of property is defined by New Jersey’s Unclaimed Property Statute.

I read my name in an Unclaimed Property newspaper advertisement. What should I do?

If you saw your name in one of our semi-annual newspaper advertisements you should follow the guidance provided on this website.

To claim the property you should follow the  instructions for filing a claim. Filing your claim through the website is the fastest way to get your claim processed.

1.- Search Unclaimed Property

2.- Property Claim Inquiry Form

3.-  Mailing Address to:

State of New Jersey
Unclaimed Property Administration
P.O. Box 214
Trenton, NJ 08625-0214
ATTN: Claim Section

I previously filed a claim through your website and the property is no longer listed when I do another search, why?

We remove property records from their web site after a claim is submitted in an attempt to eliminate duplicate claim submissions. Duplicates can result in longer claim processing times.

Once the claim inquiry form is received by our Claim Processing staff, a claim will be created and a thorough search of our unclaimed property database will be completed using the information you provided on the form. If property is successfully located a claim will be created and a Claim Packet will be mailed to you. The packet will detail the property that was located and what documentation will be needed to established ownership and complete your claim. See Acceptable credentials to establish your identity.

If you have already a claim submitted please follow the link below to check the status:

Check the Status of a Previously Filed Claim

If you are trying to Claim on behalf  of someone else,

First Check the full documentation you must need know.

Reporting Information

Other Resource Instructions are below.

Broker Reporting Instructions
Mutual Fund Reporting Instructions
Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP) Instructions
Stock Delivery Instructions

How does a Holder submit an unclaimed property report?

There are two options for filing an unclaimed property report. The first option is to create a NAUPA file using either the format provided in the NJ Holder Packet or by downloading the HRS Pro software to create an HDE file. The second option, available only if a nominal amount of properties are being reported, is to create an account on the HRS Pro website and create a manual (data entered) report. Once a data file (.HDE or .TXT) using one of these two options is prepared you can submit this file and remit payment through the UPA’s Online Holder Reporting Application.

Holder Reimbursement

The State of New Jersey Unclaimed Property Administration (UPA) is proud to announce an improved process for Unclaimed Property Holders to request reimbursement on previously escheated property. This electronic system will significantly reduce the processing time of Holder Reimbursement submissions. The system will allow Holders to provide a data file to the UPA that can be loaded directly into our claims processing software program. Properties in the data file that match properties escheated by the Holder in our database will be added to a new reimbursement request in the Holder’s name. If a Holder is requesting 20 or more properties for reimbursement, they are required to do so through this data file format.


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