Attention Alaska Residents: Millions Of $$$ In Unclaimed Assets Are Waiting To Be Claimed

Alaska is big in land small in people. With that being said, they have some boilerplate up on their website claiming thousands of claims are backlogged. I’ve never seen a government agency admit that they are incapable of handling the amount of claims already filed.

With that being said, if you are a current or past resident of Alaska, then it’s important to search and file your claim anyway. Here’s how to do that.

Alaska’s Unclaimed Property Act (AS 34.45) requires businesses (profit and non-profit) and governmental agencies to file unclaimed property reports with the State of Alaska Department of Revenue.

For further information regarding reporting unclaimed property, visit our reporting unclaimed property webpage.

See If Your Unclaimed Assets Are Waiting To Be Claimed

  1. Start by searching here.
  2. Once you found something belonging to you, follow the instructions on the website to file a claim online. Any information you enter must be current and accurate, including apartment number and full name.

    After you file a claim online, they (Alaska) will contact you via email to begin processing your claim. Because of our claim volume this may take several months. Stock claims may take longer to process as well. If you receive a claim form, follow the instructions in sections B and C and send us the required documents via email.  You have 90 days to respond. If we do not receive the requested documents within 90 days, your claim will be dropped.

    If you are filing a claim as an heir, be ready to provide information on how you are legally entitled to do so.

    If you have questions, contact unclaimed property by email at

    Good luck and happy hunting.


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